Ideal Booth Guide at Broadcast Asia 2019


Ideal Booth # 6E3-01

Ideal Systems have been bringing state of the art broadcast technology, systems and solutions to Broadcast Asia for many years. Broadcast Asia 2019 will be no different. Here is a quick overview of what will be on our booth this year.


Starting with our own cloud offering. Ideal Systems have been working on realising next generation multi-vendor cloud automation and playout solutions for the last couple of years. This solution is now market ready and we will be demonstrating a complete cloud native broadcast ecosystem featuring low latency live signal ingress/egress  to the cloud with a secure signal transport solution. The live feed from our booth will act as an input feed to a 3rd generation playout & insertion platform which demonstrates parallel render ahead workflows.   The Media Service Orchestration Platform will also feature business orchestration and asset transformations driven by a BPMN engine.  We will also demonstrate how a tightly integrated multi-vendor hybrid solution from Ideal Media Works delivers the most efficient and fault resilient origination platform available.

We will be demonstrating HBBTV with Sofia Digital.

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Hybrid broadcast broadband TV ( “HbbTV” ) is a global standard for combining OTT and DVB services for connected TVs and set‐top boxes. The HbbTV specification is developed by industry leaders to improve the video user experience for consumers by enabling innovative, interactive services over broadcast and broadband networks.  See more at

Sofia Digital, with HbbTV technology, brings new possibilities to consumers get access to OTT content and other available “broadcast-related services” using regular standard Smart TV receiver (like for example LG or Sony latest models) available in the local retail stores. HbbTV applications will run in a TV set without any additional middleware or software installations, as they are signalled within the broadcasted tv services.

Typical HbbTV apps may provide extra information of the ongoing TV program (e.g., sports statistics), show a program guide with the option to switch channels, or provide a menu with access to additional video programming, like for example full library of all video content available on-demand.

Sofia Digital’s award-winning HbbTV technology is powering transmissions in many countries throughout Europe and Asia. TV services made with Sofia Backstage® HbbTV Platform are used by millions of TV viewers.

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Ideal Systems have been leading the way in IP solutions for broadcasters, this year we will be showing the latest IP multiviewer solutions from TAG Video Systems. TAG specialize in Innovative IP Monitoring & High Quality Multiviewer Solutions. Its unique approach of software only provides state of the art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with a high quality Multiviewer available on standard and mobile devices displays.

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As part of the TAG IP multiviewer demonstration on the booth we will be using Embrionix solutions for signal conversion and switching in and out of SDI and IP.  Embrionix provides a selection of products converting SDI to IP as well as other SFP modules with enhanced capabilities for native IP devices. By integrating the conversion and processing functions physically inside the IP switch, Embrionix makes the integration much simpler and cost effective in a zero-foot print.

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Sticking with our booth theme of migration to IP from SDI, we will be doing Testing & Measurement in SDI, IP and 4K demonstrating a range of products from Phabrix.

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Ideal Live, which is the live sports production division of Ideal Systems with be demonstrating some of the technologies we use in the field including Stream Star. The Stream Star solution provides live production and streaming studio that confidently delivers professional, broadcast quality results. The system supports a variety of inputs and offers a full range of professional features including Streamstar's renowned replays and slo-mo, media playlists, amazing graphics capabilities, internal character generator, live sports graphics templates and their dynamic control and of course Streamstar's brilliantly designed, intuitive, touch screen user interface.   

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Also heavily used buy our Ideal Live department is the Dejero EnGo a HEVC capable compact mobile transmitter for remote contribution, its reliable and simple to use, EnGo is designed for mobile video contribution professionals who require agility, versatility and cost effectivness. 

We will also be showcasing the Dejero GateWay—a solution that provides mobile connectivity by blending together multiple networks like cellular and satellite and other wireless networks—creating more higher throughput, and reliability over a secure connection. With access to reliable Internet connectivity on location. GateWay provides field crews with bandwidth needed to do things like quickly upload and download large files as well as access newsroom systems and private networks with ease, and without having to return to the station. This means your crews can spend more time in the field and less time commuting back and forth between assignments.

Also introducing the new Dejero CuePoint return feed server which sends low-latency video with audio, and teleprompting feeds to live broadcast production teams in the field to help them create compelling live content.

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We will be showcasing the range of audio processing solutions from Emotion Systems including;


 Eff – A desktop tool that is used to measure and subsequently correct, the loudness of individual files. It is intended for low volume applications, such as up to ten hours of content per day. Eff is a cost effective tool, compliant to a range of standards including EBU R128/ATSC A85/TR-B32. Eff supports MXF, MOV, MPG (PS), LXF, GXF, WAV and AIFF files, as well as Dolby E or Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus encoded audio.

Engine – includes all the loudness features of Eff, but has much wider capabilities, available as option modules, including Dolby E transcode, channel mapping, Upmix and Downmix, stream and metadata manipulation and much more. Engine is scalable, with comprehensive watch folder and API facilities, and can be used with high volumes, of up to 200 hours of content per day. Note that this is a guideline only as the types of media being processed and the selected options will affect the total throughput.

Engine Cloud. A variation on our standard product that is targeted at cloud environments such as Amazon AWS.

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Alpha eye -  Real-time fisheye lens barrel distortion corrector for HD cameras. The typical use of Alpha Eye is correcting barrel distortion of wide angle cameras that are frequently used in sports and other applications.The camera could be directly connected over SDI, or there is more likely to be a fibre interface for greater distances to the camera. The Desktop Application Configuration Interface is simple to use and fool proof. Up to 10 pre-sets can be configured. For each pre-set, a rotation, zoom and strength parameter can be stored

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We will be showing a range HD - 4K SDI, HDMI & IP Video I/O Cards from Bluefish444. Bluefish444 is the manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K SDI, ASI, Video Over IP & HDMI I/O cards for the Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.  We will be introducing the KRONOS range of cards which has been developed to enable workflows requiring multi-channel Ultra HD, high dynamic range video, SMPTE 2022/2110 Video Over IP, and supports high frame rates up to 120fps. KRONOS hardware is 8K ready, with the capacity to support future 8K video workflows. KRONOS video hardware will be supported by industry leading manufacturers and software partners within the Production, Post-production, and Broadcast markets.

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Ideal systems will be showcasing a disk based archive solution called Alto from Disk Archive Corporation which is a software defined storage for archive, big data and security. We will have the Alto G3 Chassis high density storage with 60 Disk Slots giving up to 840 TB (Raw) in a 4RU and the ALTO ARX Data Archival Storage with 100TB (or 50TB upgradeable to 100TB later) of totally secure, dual-copy of digital storage in 4RU ALTO ARX Chassis with 22"/56cm length. Both of these systems can scale up to 15PB of storage in 1 standard rack.

ALTO's Modular Architecture is designed specifically for Offline Storage. When files are not being archived or restored, the disk drives are spun-down and stopped. ALTO goes beyond MAID with independent control of each disk drive to further reduce power consumption, extend disk life and allow disks to be externalized for shelf storage or transportation. User selectable Data Replication writes data files to multiple locations within the Archive to provide the required balance of security and storage efficiency. ALTO is a modular system which can be fully or partly populated with locally sourced off- the-shelf disks.

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Store, manage and protect unstructured data with efficiency and massive scalability. Dell EMC Isilon is the industry’s #1 family of scale-out network-attached storage systems1, designed for demanding enterprise file workloads. Choose from all-flash, hybrid and archive NAS platforms.  Dell EMC Isilon scale-out storage solutions are powerful, yet simple to scale and manage, no matter how large your unstructured data environment becomes. Unlike traditional storage, Isilon solutions are flexible, efficient and stay simple regardless of how much storage capacity and performance is required, or how your business needs change. Isilon integrates easily with a choice of cloud services and, with built-in data analytics support, allows you to unlock data capital to accelerate the digital transformation of your business.


Ideal will also be debuting and showcasing the latest low latency video streaming solutions from Videon, , a cutting-edge developer of 4K and HD streaming products that enable users to move media from any source to any screen, is addressing professional and prosumer demand for lower-cost, lower-latency live streaming. In its first debut in Asia the new EdgeCaster encoder is an edge compute encoding technology that bypasses a layer of cloud-based processing, in turn reducing latency to as little as <4 seconds . The EdgeCaster HD and EdgeCaster 4K encoders eliminate heavy computational processes — transcoding, format repackaging from RTMP to HLS/DASH, and creation of multiple bit rates — in the cloud by handling these tasks efficiently at the network edge. As a result, the Videon encoders offer higher performance and a lower fixed cost per stream in addressing the requirements of delay-sensitive video applications, as well as applications with high-volume streaming to limited numbers of viewers per stream. The EdgeCaster HD boasts latency of less than 4 seconds and provides multiple RTMP, SRT, and HLS support. The Videon EdgeCaster 4K includes these capabilities, plus the ability to output up to 6 streams simultaneously in multiple bit rates/resolutions, power over Ethernet (PoE), support for H.265/HEVC, and video resolution up to 4K30.

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Apantac is an internationally recognized  manufacturer of multiviewers, video walls, extension and signal processing solutions, will showcase a range of HDMI 2.0 and 4K / UHD solutions on Ideal Systems booth. Apantac is taking 4K UHD image and signal processing to the next level thanks to the maturity of the HDMI 2.0 interface.

On the booth will be a display of Apantac’s popular range of  convertor products like KVM over IP ,  HDBaseT extenders, de-embedders , DA’s  and other small but crucial solutions used by  the broadcast industry.

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We will also be showcasing the PAM2-IP-3G-DNT, the only unit in the world capable of monitoring uncompressed Video and Audio Monitoring for SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 networks. Regardless of the input format the PAM-IP lives up to its PAM name and offers functionality such as loudness measurement, accurate fully configurable metering and multi-channel monitoring and with Dolby decoding available.

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