Ideal Systems to debut Sonance Professional Speaker range in South East Asia at new Infocomm SEA show in Bangkok

Ideal Systems will be showcasing Sonance Professional Series speakers from Californian based company Dana Innovations for the first time in South East Asia at the first Infocomm show in the region. The highly acclaimed speaker range is comprised of twenty-four 100V, 70V and 8 Ohm selectable In-Ceiling, Pendant and Surface Mount speakers. The audio showcase on Ideal Systems booth will demonstrate Sonance best-in-class sonic performance across the range of different speakers. The live demonstration augments Sonance’s swift worldwide and Ideal Systems rapid Asian expansion in the Commercial AV marketplace.

 The Sonance Professional Series emerged from two guiding principles: audio solutions should blend into the commercial spaces where they are installed and should be comfortable to listen to from both a fidelity and a coverage standpoint. From both aesthetic and performance perspectives, Professional Series delivers a compelling commercial audio experience.

Sonance Professional Series enlists the exclusive “Sonance laminated core transformer” for uncompromised 70V/100V performance, heavy duty voice coil for reliability, high excursion woofer for extended bass response and a chambered 1" tweeter for precise high-end detail. They also share consistent voicing across the range, ensuring seamless sonic integration when used together throughout a space.

 Recent additions to the Professional Series include two low profile models, supplying ideal solutions for installations with depth restrictions or in-ceiling obstructions. The low profile PS-C43RTLP has a depth of only 8.71 cm, making it an excellent solution for in-wall installations. The low profile PS- C63RT, with a depth of just 11.1 cm, delivers a larger driver within an impressively shallow enclosure. Both models share the bezel-less grille design, a key in minimizing visual distraction and reducing shadow lines, featured across the entire In-Ceiling family.

 Ideal Systems have been working closely with Dana Innovations in the South East Asian market and have recently deployed Sonance Professional Series speakers at Komune Co-Working space provider in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, where they have a total of 84,000 sq/ft across their two sites from where they offer private office suites and office co-working locations with a variety of lounge areas and event spaces. 


Infocomm SEA 2019 attendees will experience the signature consistency of voicing across the entire Professional Series line. As this series was created as a unified suite of products, Sonance will boldly demonstrate different form factors simultaneously, highlighting their interoperability. As most Commercial applications involve varying ceiling heights throughout a space, this year’s live Professional Series demo illustrates the critical importance of shared voicing across different form factors.