A joint project by Broadcast Division, Interior Design Studio and the AV Division

The TKWWMG office was IDEAL’s first major project that was to use the combined effort of the Broadcast Division, Interior Design Studio and the AV Division. Having these technical and creative resources as well as IDEAL’s other specialties under one roof is what provides Ideal’s unique strength in the Asia Pacific region.

The Video distribution system and the video wall are controlled with an AMX touchscreen and digital control system. The same type of AMX system with a 10” touchscreen allows control of the conference room and it’s 70” LCD display, motorized lift, and both the 5.1 surround sound system and ten-microphone conferencing system with ceiling mounted speakers.

The Broadcast Division designed and built the two-set studio including VR Set with tracking, and the physical set with open office backdrop. All ancillary systems such as studio lighting, production control room, post production station, and a small central equipment room were also designed and built by IDEAL.