IDEAL cloud will compliment and support IDEAL’s regional offices offering specialized consultancy, systems architecture and software integration services to enable IDEAL’s customers to execute an efficient path into the Cloud.


Solution Architecture

Ideal understand the future of broadcast is tied to the cloud and unlike many ‘cloud’ integrators we have a unique understanding of how to apply cloud design patterns to enterprise media systems.  In many cases a hybrid or staggered approach to cloud adoption is required.  Agnostic to cloud service providers and vendor products Ideal can help customers realize an efficient solution free of bias.

Secure Storage

Traditional removable media archives and bulk archive libraries have presented a number of ongoing issues; the refreshing of old media, library scaling and support costs being a major concern for large archives.   Ideal offer a number of managed cloud storage solutions that provide encrypted, accelerated archive storage in the cloud that help address these concerns and provide a higher availability at a lower cost than traditional cloud archive solutions.


Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) can be characterized as training an algorithm to select results based on iterative improvements on the algorithm when applied to a data set.  Manual tasks such as compliance, subtitling and dubbing transcription can now be automated with minimal input required to verify and improve the operation of the ML algorithms.  Ideal can help our customers apply ML to optimize their workflows and content preparation process and realize the competitive advantage ML offers.

Managed Services

For many dealing with the complexities of public cloud providers and handling the day to day support of cloud based infrastructure can be a burden, requiring expensive and often underutilized specialist staff.  Ideal can provide managed services at competitive rates to handle as much, or as little, of this as required.